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Self Representation

Here at Daggy & Anagnostou P.S. we understand that hiring an attorney for representation in a family law case can be cost prohibitive. If you are looking to get a divorce or obtain custody of a child, or have other family law legal issues, and can represent yourself in court,  but have looked into it, you find that there are numerous required forms that must be submitted in order to pursue any family law matter – and there are different forms required depending on your needs. There are literally hundreds of different family law forms. The Family law area of law includes divorce, legal separation, intimate committed relationships (non marriage), as well as child custody, child guardianships, property and debt divisions, pension and retirement allocations and spousal support. In these cases, you must fill out and file proper state mandatory forms, which you can find on the Washington State court forms website. In each area there are dozens of forms that you may or may not need to file and doing the wrong forms can be delay your case . Here at Daggy & Anagnostou P.S. we have expertise in preparing state wide family law forms. We  can help you correctly navigate the court system, prepare the correct forms for your matter and prepare you to make your argument in court. No one knows your case better than you, but navigating the court system is a whole different matter entirely. Daggy and Anagnostou P.S. can help prevent mistakes and help you present your case professionally and economically.

We at Daggy & Anagnostou have more than 35 years experience preparing and submitting family law forms and arguing cases in Washington courts. If you are motived in handling your case yourself but are lost or don't know where to begin, we at Daggy & Anagnosotu P.S. can help. We can prepare the forms and advise you to represent yourself in the court. This can be a very economical solution to your Family Law legal needs. We can help you navigate the court system and help you prepare to present your case in court. For more information make an appointment to discuss this option for economically pursuing your family law matter.

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