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Our number one priority is protecting the well-being of you and your family

Getting Justice After an Injury

When you get injured because someone else made a mistake or caused an accident, you are well within your rights to hold that person legally and financially responsible. To do so, you’ll need to file a personal injury claim. Talk to us about this process before calling the insurance company. This will increase your chances of getting justice and a better payout.

Doing What’s Best for You and Yours

When family is involved, making the right decision isn’t always easy. Know that, with us, you will get unwavering support whether you need to dispute a loved one’s will or trust, adjust your own estate plan, or file for divorce.

Meet Your Legal Team

Kurt A. Anagnostou

Attorney at Law

Kurt has an incredible range of knowledge in a wide variety of legal fields. What truly sets him apart, though, is his commitment to his clients.

You’d be hard-pressed to find an attorney as driven or as dedicated to high-quality service as you’ll find in Kurt Anagnostou. We’re proud to call him our principal attorney.

Angela Johns

Legal Assistant

In her role as a legal assistant, Angela helps Kurt keep his clients’ cases on track and moving forward.

Whenever Kurt is meeting with clients or preparing for litigation, Angela is typically performing research, filing paperwork, and brainstorming solutions behind the scenes.

Sam Anagnostou

Legal Assistant

Given his last name, you’ve probably already guessed that Sam is Kurt’s son.

But that’s not the only thing Sam inherited from his father. He also inherited a deep desire to help others, and he has a knack for doing so through his work as a legal assistant.

Sharon Daggy


When you call our office, it will almost always be either Sharon or Kurt who picks up on the other end.

As our firm’s bookkeeper, Sharon plays a crucial role in keeping our operation running smoothly. As an added bonus to both us and our clients, she’s also a delight to work with.

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Guardianship Litigation

Wills & Estate Planning

Divorce & Family Law

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Our Process Begins with Listening

We want to understand where you’re coming from so we can help you get where you want to be.

A lot of people tend to think that lawyers handle every case the same way. At our firm, though, the way we approach your case depends entirely on your unique needs and goals.

Step 1: Exchange Information

Over the years, many of our clients have told us that they’re shocked at the level of personalized attention we offer. But the way we see it, getting to know you is an important part of our job. After all, the best way to help you reach a solution is to first understand where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to accomplish. In turn, we make a point of sharing our legal knowledge so that you’re prepared for what’s likely to happen throughout the course of your case.

Step 2: Build a Personalized Strategy

Once we’re all on the same page about what’s happened so far and what needs to happen next, we can begin to customize your legal strategy. For our part, we’ll talk you through any Washington laws that pertain to your case, as well as your rights and options. From there, we’ll encourage you to ask questions and help us decide what makes the most sense for you and your family.

Step 3: Work with You to Resolve the Issue

Some of our clients like to be deeply involved in their cases while others prefer to have us take the reins. We’re happy to take on any role that makes you feel more comfortable. That being said, we will never leave you to wonder what’s happening with your case. With us, you can expect regular updates and encouragement to take certain steps on your own if we believe it will save you time, stress, or money.

When to Seek a Guardianship Litigation Lawyer

Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S. Holding a Company Meeting

When you suspect that an elderly loved one’s will or trust is inaccurate

Outdated and/or inaccurate legal documents are a huge source of conflict among family members. If you believe that your loved one’s will or trust is incorrect, talk to us about your options. We’ll help you identify the source of the problem and take steps to resolve your concern as amicably as possible.

When you believe your loved one was coerced into signing

Estate-related scams are on the rise in Washington, and senior citizens are especially prone to financial abuse. If you suspect that an elderly relative was tricked or coerced into setting up their estate plan the way they did, please talk to us before trying to take legal action on your own.

When the terms of their guardianship aren’t being carried out properly

The concept of guardianship is simple: the person appointed as your loved one’s guardian is supposed to make medical, financial, and other decisions on their behalf. When they fail to make these decisions in your loved one’s best interests, you need to take action. Visit our guardianship litigation page to learn more.

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Our office is located in Cowlitz County’s largest city, Longview. However, we work with clients throughout the entire county.

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With I-5 and I-205 running from Longview all the way through Vancouver, stopping through Clark County is a breeze for our team.

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Live along the West Coast? No problem. We’ve worked with many clients throughout Pacific County and are always happy to meet with more.

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