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D-I-V-O-R-C-E. It rings out almost like the words of a country western song, but if you are facing that ugly seven letter word, you need an experienced divorce attorney in your corner. The advice you receive and court decisions made during your divorce will affect you and your loved ones for years to come.

How should the court divide your property? Should you pay or receive support, alimony or maintenance payments? Which custody, residential time and visitation arrangements are in the best interests of your children? Is there any danger to family members or property requiring legal intervention?

At Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S. in Longview, Washington, we have the experience necessary to answer these questions and give you clear guidance in charting your best course of action. We will help you define the best, most successful outcomes for yourself, your spouse and your loved ones.

Dissolution of marriage can be a frightening and emotional time. You should not face it alone. If the time comes, you need our experience in your corner. Dissolution involves delicate adjustment of the financial and family relationships for you and your spouse. Defining a successful approach for your particular situation, and helping you maximize that success is a job for experienced dissolution attorneys.

Knowing when and how to fight for your rights and those of your loved ones takes someone who can be aggressive and passionately committed to your case without losing the professional objectivity necessary to communicate your case to the Court. Helping you get the best results often means helping your spouse and his or her lawyer accept what is ultimately the right solution. At other times the right solution must be communicated successfully to the Court. Those are the times when you need our experience, expertise, and professionalism on your side. 

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Family Law in Longview, Washington

At Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S. we are ready to help you in all facets of family law. From complex contested litigation, to the warm joy of adding a new family member, we can help. Property rights, child custody, support, visitation, divorce (dissolution), alimony, maintenance, parenting plans, modification, adoption, paternity, and other areas of family law can be confusing. We have the expertise, experience, and talent you need on your team.

We earned our reputation in Longview, Washington, for excellence, one case at a time, by listening to you, and providing the performance you need to protect your rights. We provide top quality advice and guidance. Whether your family law questions relate to pleasant events such as adoption, or difficult stressful matters like dissolution, we put decades of experience in your corner.

For us it is about protecting your family, solving disputes, reaching decisions, and if possible reaching agreements. When agreement can't be reached, we are passionate about protecting your rights. Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S. Designed representation, fashioned to truly fit your needs.