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Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S.
1801 - 1st Avenue, Suite 4A
Longview, WA 98632

In this day of the internet, instant messaging, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, and virtually endless modes of communication, the best way to reach us is the old-fashioned way. Call us (360) 425-6500.

While we have e-mail, cellular telephones, and other modes of communication for the convenience of established clients, if you are a new client, the first, best and most satisfying way to get in touch with our attorneys is calling to make an appointment.
Attorneys are busy. Their calendars are booked tightly. It is often the case that we will have to return your call to make your initial consultation. Rest assured, it will be worth the wait. You can gain valuable insights from your first brief visit.

For many types of cases we offer an initial consultation fee of just $85.00. You will have an excellent opportunity to meet us, learn more about the services we offer, and introduce us to your case. Although this is a set fee, the service provided in initial consultations includes a candid discussion of the merits of your case, difficulties we can spot at the outset, and alternative courses of action for you. This is an incredible value at just $85.00.