Kurt A. Anagnostou

Attorney at Law
When it comes to client care, Kurt leads by example. He treats every person who reaches out to our firm with the utmost respect, he offers sound legal advice, and he makes himself personally available to his clients. If you have questions about a personal injury claim, estate planning, guardianship law, family law, or real estate law in the Longview area, Kurt is the guy to see.
Legal Assistant Angela Johns sitting in her office

Angela Johns

Legal Assistant
Angela is one of the two legal assistants at Daggy & Anagnostou, P.S. While Kurt handles negotiations, litigation, and related matters, Angela helps with much of the legwork behind the scenes. For instance, she performs research, makes sure claims and other paperwork are filed correctly, and handles other tasks that keep our clients’ cases moving in the right direction.
Legal Assistant Sam Anagnostou sitting in his office

Sam Anagnostou

Legal Assistant
Following in his father’s footsteps, Sam decided to pursue work in the field of law. And, like his father, he takes great pride in helping local Washington residents find ways of getting past the legal disputes plaguing their lives and families. At this point in time, Sam works alongside Angela as a legal assistant.
Bookkeeper Sharon Daggy Leaning against Wall Smiling

Sharon Daggy

Although “bookkeeper” is her title, we think of Sharon as much more than just the person who handles our firm’s finances. Between her bookkeeping duties, taking calls when Kurt can’t, and helping clients get the information and resources they need, Sharon is the backbone that keeps our firm standing tall. Best of all, she’s as committed to client care as the rest of the team.